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Chicago's North Shore Features

Rattenbury Cottage at Canoe Bay
Canoe Bay, a luxury resort tucked in the Wisconsin woods, is a stunning winter retreat where you can unwind and re-focus without the bustle of city life—but with all the comforts.
Carlyn Janus Art Post Gallery Wild Stems
Artists on the next generation and more!
Michael Halberstam Writers Theatre
The North Shore’s art scene is vital, exceptional and growing. Meet the innovative movers, players, works and venues that are creating a particularly beautiful picture for art lovers of all stripes.
Bold patterns, striking color and a rich stew of ethnic influences lie behind the double doors of this traditional residence on a leafy half-acre lot in Deerfield.
NaKorn Review Chicago Evanston
Two Bangkok natives bring authentic, bright flavors to one of this year’s best new restaurants.