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Best of the Best in Hawaii

Eating House 1849 Hawaii
Dining on the islands has never been better. As our local chefs diversify their menus, reflecting the continued explosion of Hawai’i’s global restaurant scene, both residents and visitors alike can delight in all the delectable creations they bring to the table. Here are five of the best new restaurants to open recently—every one of them embracing the beauty of local flavors and ingredients.
Tavern Burger Livestock Tavern Hawaii
Big on burgers? Here are some of the island’s best burger offerings. And these aren’t just your run-of- the-mill grab`n’ go sliders—they are exclusively tailor-made concoctions designed to please your palate with every single bite.
Top 5 Hawaii Food Tours Kaua‘i Food Tours
Hawai‘i’s restaurant scene is epic, to be sure, and wonderful restaurants abound. But there’s another way to sample food in the islands—one that’s tailor-made for epicures. Food tours let one mingle with chefs and experience out-of-the way establishments. Bite into one of these top tours.
Ready to try something new this fall? Here are some exciting ways to break out of the usual routine and experiment with some of the fresh ideas Hawai‘i has on tap for you.
Best Shops for Gifts in Hawaii
Treat your friends and family to the quality gifts they deserve.