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Letter Eat Cake!

Say something sweet—and unique—with a modern cake topper.

CROWNING STORY: Sweet’s design incorporates script and other wedding-cake trends.

Where once only a tiny couple stood, the traditional upper tier of wedding cakes has taken a turn for the contemporary. “Instead of a topper with little people, couples can incorporate words or phrases that define their love or express who they are together,” says Annie Scheidemann, catering manager for CityCentre bakery Sweet, which specializes in cupcakes, macarons, cake truffles, mini pies, pot de cremes and more. (Its savory new cafe concept, Tout Suite, opened Downtown in the spring.) Scheidemann and her team designed the four-tier fondant cake with edible gold leaf—and crowned it with a glimmering Mr. & Mrs. acrylic script topper. “Everyone wants to be unique, and words are such fun because you can say anything,” she says. “Then you can play with colors and typography.” And the placement! Also consider writing words into the side of your cake in icing, or moving the topper down a tier so that it pops against the surface of the dessert. “It’s a classic cake... but with a modern touch.” Available in any flavor (or flavors, per tier) a couple desires, the towering confection serves 450.